Tiled Conservatory Roof


The beauty of a tiled conservatory roof is that it works just as if it was part of your home. You won’t experience those extreme seasonal changes in temperature, glare from the sun or noise from the rain. Just comfort, space and light – all year round. It’s also the ideal way to transform tired, old conservatory roofs. Choose Next Generation to help transform your conservatory.

Strength and Beauty Combined

An insulated Next Generation roof provides a comfortable living space all year round. With our conservatory roof tiles, you benefit from an effective weather proofing, as well as protection from the glare of a high sun and noise reduction from the wind and the rain.


Our roofing tiles are made with a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene, offering authentic natural looks without the risk of shattering, fading, warping or cracking.


With a wide range of colours and finishes, we can match your solid roof conservatory to the existing finish on your home, creating a seamless vista which is pleasing to the eye.

Case Study – New Conservatory & Kitchen

Next Generation provides far more than just replacement conservatory roofs. With decades of experience in construction, we are able to create stunning and desirable conversions to home interiors that suit every budget.

Watch the video and see how we transformed this home from a struggling, cramped space into an open, beautifully bright and warm kitchen area that embraces the new conservatory we also built.

Conservatory Roof Tiles – Choose a style / choose a colour


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