Frequently Asked Questions

Does this make my room darker?

Slightly, But as long as the ceiling is painted white (cladded finish is white) It reflects the light and bounces the light around the conservatory. The reduction of light is around 10%.

Will the conservatory stay warm?

All our products are designed to retain on average 95% of the heat. Due to our high performance insulated product we use i.e. saving you money and keep the room nice and cosy in the colder months.

Will it keep the heat out during the summer?

Yes. This is due to our high performance insulation as not only does it reflect heat in it also reflects the heat from entering in keeping the room nice and cool during the summer months.

My conservatory is noisy when it rains.

Our internal product reduces the noise from rain by a minimum of 50%. Our tiled roof systems will eliminate the noise.

I’m worried about the weight it will add to my roof.

All our systems are designed as light weight products.

Can I choose to have lights installed in my conservatory?

Yes. We can install energy saving LED lighting to your conservatory.

I have leaks on my conservatory.

That’s not a problem. We will solve any leaks in the conservatory when we fit the insulation.

What are U-Values?

The U value is a rate that heat passes through objects. The lower U value of the target, the less heat it will travel through.

Next Generation insulation products has a U value of only 0.54 kw compared to 4.5 kw of a single glazing.

We at Next Generation are proud to state that our roofing insulation has the lowest U value in the UK as illustrated by the graph below.


What insulation do you use?

Boost’r hybrid insulation.

The specific and unique composition of our insulation provides a U value of 0.54 which is superior to any other insulation.?

The superior insulation properties of Next Generation conservatory roofs are owed to multi-layer structure.? This multi-layer composition is a sequence of polished aluminium, polyethylene foam, polyethylene sealed air pockets with an exceptional finish outer uPVC layer.


What are the benefits?

1. Constant and comfortable temperature in your conservatory room

You will be finally able to enjoy your conservatory all year round. Our system retains the heat in winter, whereas in summer it reflex the heat produce by the sun’s rays.


2. Energy saving.

With Next Generation insulation your energy bills will reduce due to better temperature management.


3. Condensation and mould reduced.

Condensation is a common problem for home owners in the UK.
Conservatory rooms especially suffer bad condensation which is commonly the main cause of mould on window frames. Our insulation makes sure that there is not a significant drop in temperature between the roof and the surrounding areas of your conservatory thus reducing condensation and mould.


4. Reduce noise from the rain and wind.

The Next Generation insulation due to its unique multiple layers composition will reduce noise from the rain or wind in your conservatory room creating a nice and relaxing surrounding perfect for your summer party or Christmas dinner.


5. Reduced sun glare.

Next Generation roofs works as a shield on conservatory roof eliminating sun glare intruding through. This also eliminates any fading damage to your furniture in your conservatory.


6. Fast, friendly and professional installation.

We at Next Generation Home Solutions ensure that our roofs are installed by highly qualified fitters who do not compromise on their standards or customer experience.

Next Generation installation is recommended to any type of conservatory roof and it’s completed with no mess or disturbance.


7. Cost effective.

Next Generation roofs are the best solution at the very best price.
Next Generation roofs are three times cheaper than solid roofs.

Why do you offer 5% VAT?

The Next Generation Conservatory Roofs are recognised by the government as the eco friendly, energy savings roofs and insulation.

Therefore Next Generation products have been rewarded the lowest VAT rate of 5% compared to the standard 20% VAT rate.

This gives us an opportunity to give our customers the great price and allowed our customers to save 15% VAT.



Why not get rewarded?

At Next Generation we value our customers and their loyalty and offer a £50 cash back on any recommendation which results in an order.

We are confident that you are going to be extremely satisfied with our product, service and aftercare and therefore we offer you something extra just to say Thank you for your custom and recommendation.